List of things to do at Christmas

  1. 136 Put up Christmas tree and decorations!
  2. 119 Watch Christmas movies
  3. 108 Make a Christmas gift list
  4. 98 Wish everyone you see a merry Christmas!
  5. 95 Make a playlist of your favourite Christmas songs
  6. 92 Make Christmas cookies
  7. 90 Create your own personalised Christmas countdown
  8. 90 Go to church
  9. 85 Put up and decorate your Christmas tree
  10. 73 Make your own Christmas cards
  11. 71 Go see neighbours and friends Christmas lights
  12. 70 Make or buy a wreath
  13. 67 Make gingerbread houses
  14. 66 Write a letter to Santa
  15. 65 Wrap gifts whilst watching Christmas films
  16. 64 Sit by the tree and drink hot coco and mulled wine
  17. 62 Make some Christmas ornaments
  18. 62 Tell the Christmas story to your family.
  19. 59 Throw a Christmas party with family and friends
  20. 54 Play games such as Who's in the Bag, Monopoly, Cluedo and Cranium
  21. 54 Write your christmas cards and wrap presents
  22. 52 Go ice skating at an outdoor Christmas ice rink
  23. 52 Hang mistletoe in your home
  24. 52 Bake some cupcakes and decorate with snowmen, holly, Santa Claus,presents, candy canes, mistletoe, Christmas tree, bells etc
  25. 49 Go Christmas carol singing
  26. 49 Make gingerbread cookies
  27. 46 Follow @christmas_clock on Twitter
  28. 46 Do a Christmas jigsaw
  29. 45 Go to Santas grotto and meet him and all the elves!
  30. 44 Have a family portrait
  31. 40 Go Christmas carolling with your church / friends or family
  32. 39 Go to see a Christmas pantomime
  33. 39 Go shopping in Oxford Street, London and see the beautiful Christmas lights
  34. 39 Go to a carol concert
  35. 39 Light an Advent candle
  36. 38 Have an alcoholic beverage or two...
  37. 38 Add an idea for this website
  38. 36 Take the kids to see the real Father Christmas in Lapland
  39. 35 At your church provide homes and shelter for loved ones with no where to stay for the holidays
  40. 34 Go to Winter Wonderland in London
  41. 33 Make your own fairy for the top of your Christmas tree and stick a celebrity face on it
  42. 32 Volunteer to help someone in need one day over the festive break
  43. 32 Have a takeaway with all your family and friends on Christmas Eve
  44. 32 Go to a shop like Hobbycraft and buy products to make your own Christmas decorations
  45. 30 Exchange christmas gift with your family and friends
  46. 29 Make mulled wine
  47. 28 You could propose marriage to your partner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day
  48. 27 Put chocolate decorations on your Christmas tree
  49. 25 Go to a Christmas market
  50. 24 Organise a Secret Santa
  51. 24 Hang all your Christmas cards up on lines around the room
  52. 24 Make Christmas paper chains
  53. 24 Like 'Your Christmas Countdown' on Facebook
  54. 22 Wrap your self up in a blanket and watch christmas films
  55. 21 Read about Christmas in the Holy Bible
  56. 21 Make a gingerbread house
  57. 21 Donate to charity
  58. 20 Start a Christmas food cupboard and build it up little by little in the run up to Christmas with lots of yummy food!
  59. 20 Go to Victoria Square to see the Christmas tree and lights
  60. 20 Appreciate all the good and well-being around you as you soak in the Christmas spirit
  61. 19 Go to the theatre on Christmas Eve
  62. 19 See The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree
  63. 18 Eat mince pies
  64. 18 Visit Southbank Christmas Market - drink mulled wine by the river Thames & enjoy the view of a beautifully lit London Eye and Big Ben
  65. 18 Take it in turns to open presents on Christmas Day
  66. 16 Sit back and have a glass of eggnog
  67. 16 Enter our Christmas competitions on Twitter
  68. 14 Eat lots of junk and worry about working out in the New Year
  69. 2 Wear Christmas hats
  70. 2 Watch ABC's 25 Days of Christmas
  71. 1 Drink egg nog
  72. 1 Bake gingerbread fortune cookies!!!
  73. 1 Organise a Christmas movie night
  74. 1 Have a glass of Hot Chocolate with marshmallows
  75. 1 Go to Times Square in New York
  76. 1 Play games with family
  77. 1 Make up your own Christmas carols
  78. 1 Sing carols with your family and share the christmas spirit
  79. 1 Open one present on Christmas Eve
  80. 0 Make cookies for Santa

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